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At PRM our mission is to keep your people out of harm’s way. As your safety specialists we employ an exceptional team of operational emergency responders, industry specialists, and world-class safety leaders.

PRM professionals have made a career out of listening to our clients, hearing their stories, and delivering safety solutions based on their needs.

We proudly deliver bespoke training and consulting solutions for all our clients that hit the mark.



Consulting is more than just having answers to existing questions, it is about the ability to lead a client through a journey to a safer workplace. It is about identifying gaps in the current situation so that improvements can be designed and implemented. It is about assisting businesses and individuals to develop the resources and capabilities within their own organisation to carry on the journey. 

PRM Consulting services provides the expertise and guidance to support our client’s pursuit of excellence. Our consultants will explore your organisation and its unique requirements to help you create your emergency management story.



Good solutions are only of value if they are implemented and used by the people who need them. Education empowers your employees to implement good ideas. Training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909 and non-recognised training provided by PRM, are based upon clearly defined learning objectives with a focus on application within your unique work setting.

At PRM we believe your safety story needs to be shared with all your staff. Our bespoke training, delivered by experienced educators, is your story realised. It is this unique approach that prepares your people for a safer future.

Accredited Training

Non Accredited Training



Sometimes finding solutions isn’t enough and those solutions require skills, equipment or investments that may be beyond our clients capabilities. In these circumstances our clients rely on the PRM expertise and skillset to implement the solution. 

PRM responders will provide on-site expertise to protect your people. PRM responds with all necessary equipment, documentation, and resources to meet legislated and best practice requirements. This places PRM specialists on-site as your complete safety resource.

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