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In 2011 Aaron Gormly started a journey with some mates to address the story of safety, in aged care and healthcare, in Australia. He built his business, PRM Training, on the basis of spending time with his clients in order to learn who they are and discover what they need. Aaron’s desire to create solutions, based upon those needs, and ensure those needs are met, continues today.  

Bespoke solutions is more than a catch phrase, it is the heart of what PRM does. As one of Australia’s leading emergency management consulting firms we identify your pain and work closely with you to make it go away.

Despite growing beyond the health and aged care markets, our focus remains consistent with Aaron’s original dream. In 2020 PRM joined the Form1 Group and as we move into new territories we continue to provide consistent, tailored training that is a direct result of the consulting process. 

At PRM we listen to our clients stories, understand their goals, and facilitate their journey to a safer workplace. Through specialised, one-on-one consulting, and bespoke training we deliver client-focused solutions every time.

At PRM our consultants and trainers listen to you so we can find solutions to your emergency management concerns. 

We are experts when it comes to understanding your requirements and how best to implement programs to ensure your business is not only compliant but you, your employees, and your clients are safe.

While standards and legislation create content, it is how the story is told that makes a difference to safety.

At PRM we care about your story. Clients tell us their story and we listen so we can learn the plot and understand the challenges. It is our job to structure our clients stories so the plot runs true and the gaps in the story are filled, ensuring your safety, future and legacy carries on. 


A safer future
for your business


starts with

At PRM our culture is defined by, and made up of, our people and unique team environment.

As an organisation, we ensure our people, who deliver your solutions, care. And the way we do that is to always take care of our own employees.  

As a management team we live and breathe the concepts and systems we implement for our clients.

This is why we employ consultants, trainers, responders, and industry experts who have walked the walk.



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