It is in our
listening that
we excel

For over a decade PRM have experienced continual growth based upon one simple premise, “find a clients pain and you can find their salvation.”

It is our ability to listen to our clients that ensures PRM stands out from the crowd. Our consultants and trainers are a genuine team who care about you. They want to know about your current situation and how it is affecting you and your organisation. 

With this knowledge we design client, and site specific, procedural and training solutions.  

As we continually learn from our clients, we share our knowledge to empower and educate everyone we work with. At PRM we bring the lived experience to the benefit of all our clients.

As part of the Form1 Group PRM is passionate about helping others and looking after our community.

At the Form1 Community we educate, inspire, and connect with partners, charities, and initiatives we care about. This includes, and is not limited to cash donations, fundraising, and participation in annual events such as Variety Bash.

Do you have a charity close to your heart? A company you work with that is ethically and environmentally friendly? Or a community initiative you would like to share with others?

Reach out and let’s have a chat – we are here to help and love to listen.


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