Bushfire Preparedness Plan for Healthcare, Aged Care and Disability Support Providers

At PRM Training we are renowned for our expertise in emergency management training and this year we've taken a pioneering approach to the bushfire season. The team has crafted a comprehensive Bushfire Preparedness Plan tailored specifically for healthcare, aged care, and disability support providers. Read on to learn more.
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It takes a visionary approach to safeguard the most vulnerable members of our communities and it’s what we, at PRM Training, do so well. And this season we have created a Bushfire Preparedness Plan for healthcare, aged care and disability support providers.

We were recently engaged by disability support providers, who have properties in the bushfire-urban interface, and wish to create strong, clear plans around evacuation strategies.

Our team’s latest initiative goes beyond conventional measures and ensures every facet of the organisation, from the CEO to frontline staff, is not only equipped but empowered to navigate the complexities that bushfire emergencies present.

“We have just completed projects, for two clients, in the disability support area around bushfire preparedness. These facilities have houses on the bushfire urban interface and are at risk of either direct fire attack or smoke inhalation,” says PRM Training Business Manager, Aaron Gormly.

Bushfires present huge issues for people who can’t self-evacuate, may be a challenge to evacuate, or may display adverse behaviours when evacuating.

“And actually, the list goes on,” adds Aaron.

“We are really proud of what we’ve achieved with our clients and partners, providing them with the best chance of a low stress and safe evacuation process for both staff and residents.” – Aaron Gormly, Business Manager, PRM Training

PRM Bushfire Preparedness Plan

Bushfire preparedness and evacuation strategies, available in the public domain, via government channels, do not relate to facilities that sometimes have multiple people with varying evacuation challenges.

Further to this, the learnings from the 2019/ 2020 bushfire enquiries highlight the need to be self-reliant and forward thinking when it comes to bushfires, particularly on extreme and catastrophic bushfire danger days.

Thanks to the work we have done with multiple providers in this space, PRM now has a Bushfire Preparedness Plan product ready to be deployed to other disability support providers, aged care sites, or small hospitals in a regional area who may be at risk.

“Our clients are extremely satisfied and relieved as they now have a process in place for a very high fire danger day on a public holiday over summer. This is when they are most exposed and now, they know exactly what to do, where to go and how to get there in an emergency event,” continues Aaron.

In PRM Training’s Bushfire Preparedness Plan for healthcare, aged care, and disability support providers, we address:

  1. How to prep a house and its occupants
  2. The triggers for a leave-early response and the chain of notification around this process
  3. The bushfire danger period overwatch function
  4. Organisational communications channels including scenario testing and staff training
  5. Engaging with families to provide the best support for their loved ones
  6. Engaging with local emergency services and council to be better prepared and aware

If your facility is in a
bushfire urban interface, at risk of either direct fire attack or smoke inhalation, or you have residents or patients who pose an evacuation challenge, please contact us today. We’d love to help. 


Aaron Gormly

Business Manager & Emergency Management Consultant

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