Emergency Planning for Healthcare and Aged Care

Aaron Gormly, Founder of PRM, is an expert when it comes to emergency planning for healthcare and aged care facilities. In his latest video, Emergency Planning for Healthcare and Aged Care Facilities, he discusses the importance of updating and modernising your emergency procedures.  

In recent years, several issues have arisen in healthcare and aged care facilities that pose problems for emergency procedures. At PRM our team deliver bespoke training and consulting solutions based on your business needs, and it is our mission is to keep your people out of harm’s way.  

PRM Founder, Aaron Gormly, says, “In the past few years many healthcare and aged care facilities have taken their emergency planning work in-house and have not necessarily produced emergency procedures that will stand up to scrutiny post an incident.”  This is an issue that must be discussed and communicated about clearly to avoid future issues. 

In his latest video, Aaron discusses Emergency Planning For Healthcare & Aged Care Facilities here. Click here to watch the video today. 


There are a variety of other emergency procedure issues you may or may not be aware of. They include;   

  • Over the past 10-15 years many aged care and healthcare properties have become multilevel which comes with its own set of challenges. Many emergency procedures have not responded to these changes.
  • Several facilities employ agency staff. High staff turnover facilities are likely to rely on people who are not there on a day-to-day basis.
  • Emergency procedures may not adequately reflect the property or its occupants.
  • New staff inductions may not reflect compliant emergency procedures.
  • Onboarding for agency staff may not reflect emergency procedures.
  • Annual training may not be in sync with the property.


If you are concerned about any of these issues, please give Aaron a call. He is always happy to help. 

Aaron Gormly

Business Manager & Emergency Management Consultant

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