Risk Mitigation at Height & in Confined Space For Facility Managers

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Managing a facility, regardless of its size or complexity, is a demanding challenge. Add the requirement to sign off on, and supervise, the safety of workers and contractors, while conducting maintenance and you’ve significantly increased your workload and stress level.

PRM has developed a risk management training program specifically designed for individuals tasked with the management and supervision of workers at risk.

Effective use of slide sheets in Health/Disability Care Facilities

Effective use of slide sheets in Health_Disability Care Facilities

We regularly conduct emergency management training in healthcare/aged care and disability care environments. In such training we focus on the evacuation methodology available to staff including the use of beds, wheelchairs, shower chairs and purpose made rescue slide sheets.

Australian Standards – What Every Business Owner Needs to Know!

Australian Standards – What Every Business Owner Needs to Know!

Australian Standards 1851 (AS 1851) sets out the rules and regulations that ensure building owners are compliant in meeting the safety standards imposed on fire protection systems. The guidelines help to ensure all state and Occupational Health & Safety rules are met so the building owner can be sure they are compliant with all applicable laws.

Did you know that we have no sense of smell while sleeping?

Did you know that we have no sense of smell while sleeping?

Smoke detectors act as our noses while we sleep and for good reason!

A study undertaken at the Brown University located in the United States of America, conducted an experiment by pumping peppermint and pyridine (a common byproduct of combustion) into the rooms of six sleeping subjects. The subjects were encouraged to sleep in a position that encouraged nose breathing, and over the course of the two nights the scents were pumped into the rooms during various sleeping stages.

Workplace Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) establishment and development

Workplace Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)

What is an EPC and what are they used for? Every workplace requires an EPC as per AS3745 2010. When managed well, an EPC is a brilliant vehicle for workplace emergency planning and post-incident review.  When managed poorly, it can become an insignificant forum where little positive change originates. The objectives of a workplace EPC […]

The reality of ECO structures

Whenever we conduct emergency management training all efforts are made to ensure specificity in the content delivered. Part of those efforts involves familiarising ourselves with the emergency plan. Somewhere within these emergency plans, you will find the emergency management structure comprising of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO). In brief, the ECO are first responders for the site.